Market Square Colonnade, Wolverhampton UK

From the outset, both the artist and the commissioning body, Partners in Progress, shared the vision of community involvement in the design and making of the piece.

For almost a year, the artist carried out various community workshops to create a quarter of the 250 glass panels required. Groups as diverse as local schools and a day centre for people with visual impairment took part in the project. Participants made clay models from which the artist created individual and colourful cast glass panels. Most of the panels measure approximately 30cm x 40cm and create a jewel like effect when installed around the fenestration of the colonnade.

The community panels depict aspects of Wolverhampton life, both past and present, that were important to the participants. These include participating school emblems, symbols of ethnic diversity and religious organisations, as well as imagery from everyday City life. The artist also created her own designs inspired by local architecture, and showed the City’s previous and current motto on each of the colonnade clock towers. The panels were made using a variety of glass techniques that include casting, fusing, laminating and sandblasted designs.